Testimonials and Acknowledgements

We take pride in assisting our customers with their cutting-edge innovations in machine learning.
Here's what they say about Zetane.
Our company has grown to the source of pride it is today because of many investors and mentors that share our vision.
Thank you.
Sylvain testimonial

“Zetane demonstrated the value of visualization of inputs, process and outputs in machine learning for the purpose of explainability, introspection and intelligibility. This is a clear differentiator.”

Sylvain Pronovost, PhD
Former Lead AI Scientist
Devashish testimonials

“The Zetane Engine helped demonstrate the full value of our AI business solutions to some of the largest utility companies in Asia and the Middle East.”

Devashish Paul, MEng, MBA
CEO, Co-founder
BluWave AI
Rola Testimonial

“Zetane enables us to see inside the black box of the neural networks we design and to see the effect of each of the inputs on the outputs, which improves our ability to explain the results.”

Rola Harmouche, PhD
Research Officer in Machine Learning
National Research Council of Canada
Freddy Testimonial
“Zetane technologies have been predominant to support our activities on explainable AI and particularly Artificial Neural Networks. Their platform provides a unique advantage to our company for understanding the rationale behind ANNs models. We really see Zetane platform as a high potential and must-have platform to support certification of ANNs-based machine learning models, and then to ensure adoption in critical systems such as obstacle detection for trains or anomaly detection in any critical environments where decisions are questioned."
Freddy Lécué, PhD
Chief AI Scientist
cortAIx of Thales Group