Guillaume Hervé
Co-Founder and CEO
BEng, MSc (Business). Founder and CEO of CAE Healthcare, President of Presagis (3D Simulation), Chairman of CTS Sante, Executive mentor at FounderFuel, Vice President, CAE Inc.
Patrick St-Amant
Founder and CTO
Mathematician (MSc Degree, PhD), Mathematics professor, Institute for Advanced Study visitor, Makerspace founder, AR and VR pedagogy researcher.
Jon Magoon
Co-Founder and Chief Architect
Cloud and Systems Architect, Lead full-stack developer, MeetMindful Lead Engineer, 10+ years of software engineering, product, and design experience. Techstars Alumni.
Omar Hesham
Graphics and HPC Lead
PhD candidate, Advanced Real-time Simulation Lab, Carleton University. Society for Modeling and Simulation International (SCS) award-winning research (2016, 2017).