AI Services for Real World Applications

Our experienced team of industry ML professionals offers a proven track record in successfully completing industrial AI projects with expertise combining your favorite data science tools with our leading software suite. We collaborate with you to ensure your projects’ success by reducing or eliminating model performance degradation in your target operational context.

The Zetane Way

We excel and focus on high stakes AI applications where all stakeholders must understand and buy-in to the proposed solution and where predictions can have important financial and safety consequences.

We collaborate closely with our customers and listen carefully to achieve or exceed project expectations. We never keep your data.

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Enhance model robustness

After the automatic extractions of the operational boundaries of your AI models, weaknesses and strength of your model are revealed. Using our automatic data augmentations feature, your model is made more robust and provide the performances you need.

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Bring a project to the last mile

Comprehensive validation, testing and complete model confidence are essential steps before a model can make it to production. We help clients bring AI solutions to the last mile to ensure you receive the business and operations leaders’ approval.

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Proof of Concepts and MVP

To get your project approved for funding often requires a convincing POC and MVP. We have built several machine learning models with business and AI dashboards that all stakeholders understand and support.

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Case Studies

Our explainable AI solutions allow us to de-risk for high stakes AI solutions.

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Zetane is the solution of choice for accelerating progress and getting your projects approved, funded and deployed.

Aviation Safety

Getting models operationally ready is hard.

Zetane Protector makes it easy.

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