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Our team of industry ML professionals have the experience you need to bring your projects to the next level and ensure operational stakeholders’ buy-in.

The Zetane Way

We excel and focus on high stakes AI applications where predictions can have important financial and safety consequences.

We listen carefully to our customers and engage in building an honest relationships. We never keep your data.

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Transparent AI

Our AI solutions are transparent, human understandable and explainable from day one.


We build robust real world ML models based on state of the art research.


Deployed models need to monitored in real time with data and model confidence metrics.

Case Studies

Our explainable AI solutions allow us to de-risk high stakes AI solutions.

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Zetane is the solution of choice for accelerating progress and getting your projects approved, funded and deployed.
Aviation Safety

A must-have platform to support certification of ANNs-based machine learning models and ensure adoption in critical systems (...) where decisions are questioned.

Freddy Lécué, Chief AI Scientist, Thales Group

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