Zetane Protector

Conduct thorough automated testing and rigorous
auditing to ensure robust and trustable AI.

Zetane Protector (patent pending) is an easy to use, menu driven advanced automated platform for testing and improving the robustness of machine learning models and their data. It provides AI professionals and stakeholders with deep insights into proposed machine learning solutions and helps validate, understand, and analyze the operational boundaries of machine learning data and models prior to deployment.

Zetane Protector greatly contributes to de-risking model deployments in critical or noncritical contexts and significantly increases the number of machine learning solutions that get approved and deployed.


Test the quality and robustness of your AI solutions

Analyze the outliers and operational test data to assess the operational boundaries of your ML solution. Conduct rigorous testing and evaluation of ML models to demonstrate to operational stakeholders that all risks have been identified and properly mitigated.

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Getting models operationally ready is hard.

Zetane Protector makes it easy.

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