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Conduct rigorous automated testing and auditing with
Zetane Protector to ensure your AI solution is robust and trustable.

  • Monthly
  • Yearly


$300 USD / user / month

  • Everything in Explore
  • Load your pretrained image classification models
  • Load your image datasets
  • Unlimited robustness reports
  • Maximum size of 5GB per report
  • 250GB of storage
  • Premium customer support


  • Everything in Professional
  • Load your pretrained object detection models
  • High-speed robustness testing
  • Dataset augmentations services
  • Extended test series
  • Greater report size and storage
  • Priority customer support


  • Wide range of model types
  • Solution specialist and consultation
  • Enterprise integration
  • Tailored test series
  • Tailored augmentation services

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Zetane is the solution of choice for accelerating progress and getting your projects approved, funded and deployed.

Aviation Safety

A must-have platform to support certification of ANNs-based machine learning models and ensure adoption in critical systems (...) where decisions are questioned.

Freddy Lécué, Chief AI Scientist, Thales Group

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of models and frameworks are supported on the Zetane Protector platform?

    Presently, we support image classification model trained on Tensorflow-Keras and on the Professional plan. We can support multiple other types of models (beta versions). Please get in touch and we will assist you in achieving your objectives.

  • How long does it take to test a model?

    We have a solid parallel computing infrastructure to allow fast and deep robustness testing. The time needed to produce a report depends on the number of images in the test dataset and the test specifications parameters chosen.

  • Do I keep ownership of the model and data uploaded for testing?

    You keep the rights to your models and datasets; these are your models and datasets. Our job is to compute detailed reports of your model & dataset and provide back valuable interactive reports, using our advanced algorithms and patented technologies.

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