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Dive in your ML model to inspect the internal tensors, layer outputs, feature maps, weights and architecture. Save valuable hours and weeks by eliminating much guesswork and focusing on what matters most to achieve the performance you seek.

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Zetane Workflow

Step 1

Load Saved Model

Simply Download and install the Zetane software and load previously saved ML models.

Step 2

Load Inputs Or Outliers

Load your test input to understand how the data changes as it passes through the layers and operators of your model.

Step 3

Inspect and Gain Valuable Insights

Save time and headaches by quickly pinpointing issues and validate your model by inspecting its internal data.

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Using the free Zetane Viewer, you can open and inspect models from the Zetane Gallery or load your own models.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can I inspect inside my models when using the Zetane Insight Engine?

    Everything. The model architecture and all the internal tensors, each layer output, feature maps, weights, biases, values and operator attributes.

  • How easily does Zetane integrate with existing AI frameworks?

    After saving your Keras, Pytorch or ONNX model from your own workflow, you can load your model so that you can inspect, debug and validate it in Zetane Viewer. Using the Zetane python package, you can also use the Python-Zetane API to send models, NumPy arrays, text, images, point clouds and meshes to the Zetane Engine.

  • Can I pass my own inputs through the model for validation?

    The Zetane Viewer Pro allows you to load your own input so you can identify, validate and determine how to improve your model.

  • How do you make all the model information easily understandable?

    By carefully encapsulating the data. At the highest level you can navigate your model architecture, zoom on specific nodes. Clicking on the tensor buttons allows you to inspect the tensor and values distributions. Then, each tensor has different types of visualization to choose from.

  • Can you open MLP, NLP and other types of models?

    If the model can be saved you should be able to open it to inspect all its components. Regardless of their purpose, ML models are composed of operation and tensors which we help you access with no effort.

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