Opening the AI Black Box

Microscopes, telescopes and brain imaging techniques opened new ways to look at complex systems. The Zetane Viewer offers a unique approach to understand and accelerate discovery in machine learning and artificial neural networks.

  • Easily open the AI Black box
  • Visualize and understand all the model's components
  • Inspect the model's architecture and internal tensors
  • Study the tensor values distribution
  • Gain insight about the model's performance
  • Discover your next model optimization without guesswork
Download FREE Zetane Viewer for Windows
Supports ZTN and ONNX files
Download FREE Zetane Viewer for Linux
Supports ZTN and ONNX files
Download FREE Zetane Viewer for Mac
Supports ZTN and ONNX files

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Zetane Gallery

Using the free Zetane Viewer, you can open and visually inspect curated models (ZTN files) from the Zetane Gallery below. Just launch the Zetane viewer and load a model using the top left button.

You can also load and visualize ONNX model files (YOLOv4 and BERT-Squad are not yet supported). ONNX is an open standard for machine learning interoperability and there are many models in the ONNX Model Zoo which can be inspected in the Zetane Viewer.