Consulting and Professional Services

Beyond software, we provide top-notch consulting services to assist you with planning AI solutions and assessing its impact on your business.
We are also ready to assist you with integrating Zetane products within your current operations.

Turn-key AI solutions and partnerships

Does your in-house technical team need a helping hand building an AI solution? Will members of your team benefit from training based on our experience of applying AI in industry? Looking to compliment your datasets with added synthetic data? Do you need a trusted AI service provider to complete an AI project on your behalf? We are at your service.


Marketing and promotional activities

Got a big conference coming up? Need to impress your board of directors? Do you struggle to show abstract AI technology as tangible concepts? We can help you develop videos and other multimedia content to show your AI and machine learning solutions at their best.

Get an outside opinion: Assessments of data and models

Do you seek guidance on how best to implement AI solutions in your business? Do you need guidance on assessing the potential benefits and ROI for a machine learning project? We are ready to sit down with your team to conduct a full assessment of your current resources and draft a plan for successful innovation.


Dashboards, control centres, and prototypes

You got all the data and a performant model but now you struggle implementing the AI solution in your operations. We can help you overcome this common problem by helping you set up user-friendly interfaces that make it possible for you to interact with and make use of the outputs from your AI solution. We can also help you generate simulations, minimal viable products, and prototypes of AI solutions that have yet to reach market.

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