Neuro-surgical training simulation

Case study

Our digital world produces huge amounts of data, so much so that finding practical ways to manage and use this wealth of information is a major challenge. The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) partnered with Zetane to tackle such a problem.

Researchers at the NRC needed a strategy to transform complex data in spreadsheets collected at a conference into an intuitive and useful format; the data contained recordings of doctors manipulating a neuro-surgical tool for removing brain tumours. The goal was to use the data to develop a surgical training tool in the form of a simulation. Moreover, they required development of an algorithm that could interpret the accuracy of a surgeon-in-training learning how best to remove a tumour while minimizing contact with healthy brain tissue. Here is a summary of their project in this video and report.

Machine learning specialists at NRC expressed that the visual and intuitive representations of the project in Zetane facilitated their collaboration with medical experts and shortened project development times due to better means to debug the datasets visually.