About Us

We make the development of machine learning solutions accessible to all of your team.

Zetane Systems is a Montreal-region software technology company specializing in commercial applications of artificial intelligence (AI). We provide you with the Zetane Engine, our proprietary software that provides a visual, intuitive environment for building technology products based on machine learning models. In addition to selling powerful software, we also provide a full-suite of consulting services to facilitate the adoption of AI solutions in diverse industries. Our stellar customers to date include major research institutions and corporations in industries ranging from transportation, power infrastructure, software and defense.

Our Core Values

Engage curiosity

Embrace diversity

Remain adaptive

Seek out highly skilled contributors

Do good

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Zetane makes the development of AI solutions more accessible—also termed, “democratized”. We strive to promote everyone’s ability to explain the inner workings of complex neural networks.

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Zetane Systems Founders

Learn about our origin story and how our co-founders met in this engaging podcast, with transcript.

We are Zetaners

The people making AI more accessible, intuitive and understood by all.

Guillaume Hervé, BEng, MBA

CEO, Co-founder

“The sudden realization upon reaching the summit of Machu Picchu that you left the espresso machine on.”

Jonathan Magoon, BA

Chief IT Architect, Co-founder

“Existentialism is no distraction from distributed systems architecture.”

Patrick St-Amant, MSc

CTO: Co-founder

“Greek letters and accelerants make for stunning visuals.”

Omar Hesham, PhD

Software developer and lead high-performance computing specialist

“Analyzed how rude people swarm on public transit.”

Aman Singh, MSc

Lead Software developer and machine learning engineer

“Will burst into song upon hearing a tune by Queen.”

Semih Cantürk, MEng (candidate)

Software Engineer specializing in Machine Learning

“Has fierce pilate abilities.”

Pierre Fiorini, PhD

Head of technology partnerships & business development

“Busy negotiating deals with tech giants.”

Valdemar Duk, BEng (candidate)

Junior Software Developer & Hardware Technologist

“Notable hip vintage clothing and guitar playing skills.”

Jason Behrmann, PhD

Director of marketing and communications

“Moonlights as a technology and sex-education expert on the radio.”

Wanda Stamford, BComm (candidate)

Intern in digital marketing

“Attempts to save the world with kombucha mothers and plastic re-purposing.”

Pierre-Luc Parent, BSc (candidate)

Intern in software development & machine learning

“With that accent, you can call me Theodore”

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