Zetane Systems specializes in building cutting-edge software tools that provide the most transparent understanding of machine learning projects so teams can debug, test, optimize, validate and track ML solutions with ease.

Using Zetane software, AI practitioners in industry work more efficiently and convince operational leaders more effectively, resulting in more approved and deployed ML projects. Our tools easily integrate into existing workflows and popular AI infrastructures and eliminate the problem of “black box” algorithms, resulting in more robust and transparent ML models that our clients can deploy with confidence.

Zetane also provides a full suite of consulting services to facilitate the adoption and deployment of AI solutions in diverse industries. We make all our solutions to be easily understandable, fully explainable and robust so that all stakeholders trust the AI solution.

Our stellar customers to date include major research institutions and corporations in diverse industries. The only thing missing from our list of satisfied clients is you.

Our Values

These are the forces shaping who we are.

Embrace diversity

Remain adaptive

Engage curiousity

Seek highly skilled contributors

Do good

Our Team

The Zetaners ensuring your AI solution is deployed safely and provides the value promised.

Guillaume Hervé
Co-founder and CEO
Patrick St-Amant
Co-founder and CTO
Jonathan Magoon
Co-founder and CPO
Omar Hesham, PhD
Lead Software Developer and DevOps
Pierre Fiorini, PhD
Head of Technology Partnerships
Mina Amiri, PhD
Senior Data Scientist
Sylvain Pronovost, PhD
Technology Partnerships & Business Development
Aman Singh, MSc
Lead Data Scientist
Valdemar Duk, BEng (candidate)
Software Developer & Technologist
Pierre-Luc Parent, BSc
Software developer
Semih Cantürk, MEng (candidate)
Machine Learning Engineer and Software Developer
Jason Behrmann, PhD
Director of Marketing and Communications
Nedialko Krouchev, PhD
Software Developer