The Zetane
AI Engine
Build, Investigate and Explore AI models like never before.
We drive democratization and explainability of AI and facilitate collaboration between subject matter experts and AI specialists.

The World's First 3D Visual Editor for Machine Learning

The Zetane AI Engine is an immersive, intuitive and powerful three dimensional code-optional visual environment for AI experts and non-experts to design, build, train, optimize and deploy cutting edge AI neural networks.

Create neural networks quickly and easily

Use prebuilt models or create your own. Build complex models quickly via drag and drop. Explore and customize the model in 3D (or 2D) while training on realtime data. Delete, add or adjust during training for surgical control. Obtain the deepest insight and control over the whole system down to individual node values.

Open the black box

Neural networks can be difficult to build, test, debug and push beyond current limitations. Exploring and modifying a realtime network in 3D gives unparalleled insight and explainability into the inner workings of the neural network. Do more than implement code-based black box models. Build your own innovative models that can be presented and shared with anyone.

Fully connected

Build complex systems and deploy them easily. Run the engine in headless mode or interface with tools you're already familiar with. Connect to existing models, databases, datasets, data streams and easily organize and split data for different models.

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