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Machine Learning in 2D AND 3D

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Immersive, intuitive and powerful. The Zetane Engine is a 3D environment for AI experts and non-experts to design, build, train, optimize and deploy cutting edge AI neural networks.

Design & Train

Because the world of ML is dynamic.

Create neural networks quickly and easily in 2D and 3D using prebuilt models or create your own, making modifications in real-time with surgical precision.

Import or connect to existing models in TensorFlow, Caffe, Keras, etc. Visualize your models training in real-time with your data and interact with the various layers, sub-layers or nodes with or without human-in-the-loop capabilities.

fine-tune & explain

Because explainability should be natural.

Explore and modify a real-time network in 3D and gain unparalleled insight into the inner workings of the neural network like never before.

Achieve transparency and rapidly identify optimization opportunities to arrive at the right solution for your applications and back up your results with KPIs that are right for you.

data & 3d objects

Because seeing is believing.

Ingest any data or stream live data and see how the data interacts directly with the neural network allowing you to understand the link between the data and the performance of your neural network.

Create 3D objects within the Zetane platform or import them, and link them to your AI model(s) to create real-world simulations that can be presented and shared with anyone to significantly increase collaboration and buy-in.

deployability & code-optional

Build complex systems in a highly collaborative environment and deploy them easily.

Run the engine in headless mode or interface with tools you’re already familiar with.

Our code-optional philosophy is based on offering a more intuitive, immersive visual design environment for AI experts and non-experts to facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

This also makes it the perfect tool to rapidly train new users, students and on-board new employees onto your AI projects.

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